The Case for Cloth

Why choose cloth?

Lots of reasons. 


Cloth diapers are soft and gentle against your baby’s delicate skin. The breathability of a cotton diaper does wonders for the sensitive skin of babies. Instinctively, we choose only the softest clothing and blankets for our babies; cloth diapers are the same- they are the softest in diapering options. They just feel good to the touch!


Cloth diapers rely on the natural absorbency of cotton and are free of the many chemicals contained in disposable diapers. There are many studies on the effects of prolonged exposure to the chemicals present in disposable diapers. 


Cloth diapers are the epitome of ‘green’ because they are used again and again. Instead of entering a landfill after every use, they become great cleaning rags after they're done being great diapers. There's lots of buzz about making greener choices with a diaper service, it's easy to be green! 


Whether you wash your own diapers or use a service, cloth diapers are (and are usually loads cheaper!) with disposables. And when you consider that lots of cloth diapering moms report faster potty training, the savings are multiplied.

Why choose a diaper service?


Our commercial washers are made to handle the load. The wash cycle reaches 160 degrees (enough to kill waste-related bacteria such as e.coli), while the average domestic washer only reaches about 120 degrees .

Our washers also go through many changes of water in a single wash, so that the diapers are utterly clean when they go into the dryer.


Because we work with so many diapers, and such energy-efficient commercial equipment, we use much less water and energy per diaper than would be possible at home. Most domestic washing machines take several washes to clean a soiled cloth diaper.


For many people, especially those who depend on coin-operated laundry facilities, a diaper service is less expensive than purchasing and washing cloth diapers on your own.


Babies go through a BUNCH of diapers. We believe that there are enough logistical struggles in caring for a baby or a toddler to have to constantly worry about doing the laundry.