+ I live in an apartment, can I use your service?

Absolutely! Lots of our clients are apartment dwellers. During the initial consultation we will discuss the best way to exchange dirties and cleans with you on delivery day.

+ Do I have to be home when you deliver diapers to me?

No, you do not need to be home. We request that you set your diapers outside and we will pick them up and replace them with cleans during your scheduled delivery window.

+ I'm not comfortable with diapers being left outside of my house, can I give you a key to my side alley or to my house?

If you are not comfortable leaving your diapers out and you have a gated side alleyway, you can give us a key. If you plan to leave your diapers just inside your front door, you can give us a key to keep on file, or you can give us the combination to a lockbox containing the key.

+ What if I forget to put my diapers out?

If you forget to set your diapers out and you realize quickly, call us right away at 1-844-2GO-CLOTH (1-844-246-2568) and if the driver is still close to your location, he/she will come back. If you have missed the delivery and the driver is already out of your area, you can either drop your dirties off at our location or you can request a re-delivery (a delivery surcharge will apply)

+ What time do you collect and deliver diapers?

Our delivery window is 8am-2pm all dirty diapers must be set outside by 8am. If you are not a morning person, we suggest setting your diapers out the night before.

+ What if I go on vacation?

Vacations are no problem! Simply select skip on your order form (or Pick Up Only if you have direties you'd like us to collect before you leave) and we will know not to bring you any diapers that week.

+ How can I find out if you deliver to my area?

The fastest way to do that is to send us an email with your zip code so we can check our delivery map. We are expanding all the time so chances are, if you live in the immediate Philly Metro Area, we've got you covered.

+ How does payment work?

We offer bulk pre-payment option (with added dscount!) or an automated weekly bank draw option. Each week you will receive a recipt of your order and a summary of the cost so you always know exactly how much you're paying. There are no refunds on pre-paid service plans, so this option is best for those families who are certain they want to use cloth for the long haul.