A few common questions we've been asked.

+ Does cloth cause more diaper rash?

No! We've found, and studies have shown (check out the resources page!) that heat, wetness and extended exposure to urea and bacteria are the culprits that cause the dreaded diaper rash. Cloth diapers combat those issues in a few ways; increased air flow, more frequent changes and cooler temperatures cause by the more breathable fabric. Combine that with the chemical free materials (just take a look at what's inside a disposable diaper- yikes!) and you have a recipe for a very healthy bottom! If the occasional rash does occur, give a call, we can talk you through it and make some great recommendations for treatment and ointment options.

+ I'm ready to try washing diapers on my own, can you get me started?

We sure can! We love helping families choose cloth! We have information available about how to wash and care for your own diapers. Simply contact us and we'll email it right to you.

+ I'm not sure about cloth, can I just start on a trial basis?

Sure! Justgive us a shot for one month. That gives you a little time to learn how to use cloth and get comfortable. If you decide it's not for you, you can cancel second month begins.