We Wash, You Succeed

The number one reason families quit cloth diapering is because they can't keep up with the laundry. With our diaper delivery service, you'll never get overwhelmed by the commitment or find yourself behind the laundry eight-ball! Internet resale pages are full of folks, who with good intentions spent hundreds of dollars on cloth diapers thinking they could wash at home, only to find out that caring for a newborn is hard enough, even without 3 extra loads of laundry every week!


New parents are busy! You have a lot on your plate and we understand that running out to the store to buy diapers or washing, drying sorting and stacking cloth diapers may not be the first on your list of things to do. That's where we come in, you can count on Philly Diaper Service for reliable home delivery of fresh clean diapers right to your door every week. No late night trips to the store to pick up diapers and no waiting for the dryer to stop before you can change baby's next diaper. 


Now  the right choice, and the easy choice can be the same choice. Sometimes making choices for the benefit of our planet can feel like a sacrifice. Luckily, cloth diaper service makes it easy.

Babies are a gift to our lives, they shouldn't be a burden on our earth. And they don't have to be. After plastic grocery bags, disposable diapers are the most frequent item found in our landfills. Your baby's carbon foot-print doesn't have to be the size of bigfoot's choose a healthy, natural diapering option; choose cloth diapers.  Leave them a planet worth protecting. 


Cloth diaper service makes it easy to choose cloth because our prices are competitive with name brand non-eco-friendly disposables and cheaper than the leading eco-friendly brand disposables. Remember, disposable diapers are expensive! And that doesn't include all of the hidden costs, like gas, questionable labor practices, and additional months spent in diapers due to later potty training.   Also, because you are able to choose  different sizes as needed, you will never find yourself with a large amount of diapers that no longer fits your baby (a common money-wasting problem with disposables!)