As a new mom who had never used cloth diapers before I knew it was the way I wanted to go but didn't know much more than that. I was quite fortunate to get 3 months of service as a baby shower gift. Upon arranging the service Jessica (the owner) took the time to personally come to our home and demo folding and use of cloth diapers. Immediately it felt like having an old friend over to hang out because she is so warm, friendly & easy going (yet very professional and organized as well). Jessica was even kind enough to explain some of the other cloth diapers I have in stock from Craigslist purchases.

There was one time in the very beginning of service where I overslept and forgot about pick-up (having a newborn can really make things unpredictable). The driver took the time and effort to contact me (twice) and made the trip to drop off and pick up after his other stops. The out-of-the-way steps that he took by calling me and then coming back around was really impressive and what fantastic customer service is all about.

The highlights for me are:

Diapers are always very clean

It's clearly the diapers used on our daughter (we're not getting some other baby's diapers each delivery)

If rain is in the forecast and the diapers are dropped off outside they are protected with a trash bag so they remain dry for when you arrive home

Any questions or help that you made need Jess is always quick to respond and stocked full of useful information (she was even wonderful enough to offer to come back around when service started for us for a brush up course)

It's local, it's friendly to the environment, it's a life saver on your wallet, it's so easy & convenient

I love any business where the owner is hands on and Jess is definitely there for (and knows) all of her customers

Should any problems or bumps arise (so far none have) I have full confidence that Jess would work it out and solve it in a heartbeat because customer service is a shining point in this company

Upgrading the diaper size or putting service on hold for a vacation is very easy & has had great results

Also, as a point of reference, I got the cloth diaper starter kit as well as the service and it has come in very handy. Having a diaper pail, wipes, spray, diaper cream, liners, deodorizer, etc. for a reasonable and affordable price is convenient too. I suggest this kit for a first time family who is new to cloth diapers. And for anyone who uses (or plans to use) cloth diapers Philly Diaper Service is the way to go. -Kate M.


This service preserved our sanity....a rare feat for new parents. Seriously, Jess and her team are tops- super helpful and very willing to help us figure out how to change our diapering strategy to keep up with our growing boy! And it is so easy! Philly Diaper Service make cloth diapering a viable option for our busy family. 

We started the service when we lived in an apartment because it was so much cheaper than paying to wash the diapers ourselves. Now that we moved into a house (with free laundry) we still use the diaper is just that good. - Leah H.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  





What a wonderful service to have here in Philly. Thank goodness for Philly Diaper Service's initiative to get started just in the knick of time. Our son was born within a month of their grand-opening! 

We started off as diaper service clients. This experience was exceptional. The owner Jess, gave us an in-home consultation weeks before our service started. We went from complete amateurs to total pros. The pick-up/drop-off was effortless. Truly, Jess made it all so easy.

Now, we are on our own. PDS offers products for sale. We've purchased our diapers, thirsties, pails, liner, and wipes and have the opportunity to trade them in for more!

Thank you Philly Diaper Service for bringing our area into the green age! - Lindsay B.