Philly Diaper Service (PDS) Terms and Conditions

By using our cloth diaper service, clients agree to the following terms and conditions:

Starting Service: To start service, clients must complete an initial sign-up form and choose a payment option (weekly bank draft or advance bulk payment) 2 weeks prior to the initial delivery date. A weekly bank draft is where diaper service payment is taken directly from a client’s bank account. An advance bulk payment is $300-$600 of diaper service. PDS recommends signing up for service at least one month prior to due date to allow for early arrival of baby.  An initial cloth diaper educational consultation ($45) is included with the purchase of diaper service.  

Weekly Order Form: The weekly order form is how clients communicate with PDS. Clients must use the weekly order form to indicate supply requests, size changes, and service delays. Each week, clients must complete the weekly order form and set it out along with their dirties. The weekly order form will determine what clients receive and are billed for in their subsequent delivery.

Service and Account Status: Clients with accounts in good standing will receive a weekly delivery of diaper service quality (DSQ) prefold diapers and laundry service of soiled diapers. Orders will be delivered each week according to client’s previous weekly order form. Each week, clients must set out their dirties by 8am on their scheduled delivery day. Clients who do not set their dirties will be skipped (will not receive clean diapers) unless they requested the “drop off only” option on their weekly order form. Clients who are skipped due to failure to set out dirties will not receive a refund. At PDS’ discretion and for an additional fee, clients may be given the option to schedule a return visit from a PDS driver to exchange dirties and cleans. Clients will always be given the option to drop off dirties and pick up cleans at our PDS facility.

Clients with accounts that are not in good standing may not receive diaper service. A client will receive three notices of their outstanding balance. After the third notice, the client’s account may be sent to collections.

Payment Terms: Payment occurs weekly on Mondays in advance of service. There are two options for payment: weekly bank drafts and advance bulk payments of $300-600. Each week PDS will process payment and send clients a paid invoice for the clients’ records. There is a $35.00 fee for all bank draft transactions that are returned.

If PDS determines that a diaper must be removed from service because it contains paint, chemicals or stains from any use or misuse or abuse, or if otherwise damaged, a $2.00 per diaper replacement fee ($3 per toddler size diaper) shall be added to the statement. Clients must understand that medications and diaper rash creams can cause staining. Clients will be informed of approved creams and ointments at their initial consultation. All rental materials (diapers, wipes, etc) are the property of PDS.

Non-Payment: If full payment is not received prior to its due date, service, at PDS’ sole option, will either be suspended or terminated.

Delivery: PDS’s goal is to conserve resources while also meeting our customers’ needs. Delivery days are determined by routes which are established by PDS who can change the delivery date when necessary. Advance notices will be provided for changes in the usual delivery schedule. Clients and PDS must agree upon a satisfactory drop-off location for diapers. On the clients’ assigned delivery day, dirties must be at the agreed upon drop-off location by 8am.   

Clients are responsible for providing a secure space for diapers to be dropped off and will assume responsibility for theft of diapers. Clients will incur a replacement fee for stolen diapers at cost. Clients may choose to have a key on file, so that diapers can be left directly inside the home. PDS assumes responsibility for the safe-keeping of keys.

Delay of Service: If for any reason clients need to delay service, they should indicate the service delay on their weekly order form.  

Change of Delivery Location: In the event that clients need to change the delivery location (e.g., moving delivery from front door to back door) or address, clients may use the “special comments” section on the weekly order form to update PDS with the current information.

Proper Diaper Use: PDS’s diapers are to be used on human babies only. Diapers shall not be used on any other surface or for any non-baby related use. Please notify us if you use medications or diaper rash creams not approved by PDS on your child. Do not store dirties in the heat (example: outside or in a garage during the summer) or in direct sunlight. This will cause unpleasant things to grow and may damage the diapers. Do not rinse dirties as this can cause mold or mildew. Once baby is no longer exclusively formula or breastfed, please remove solid waste off dirties before storing in the diaper pail. Clients must use the PDS provided cloth pail liner to store dirties. Please do not use plastic bags to store dirties.

Lost and Found: Please keep all personal items out of the pail liners. PDS  is not responsible for any lost items left in the soiled diaper bag. Please call us to report any missing items. If found, PDS will gladly return found items on a client’s next scheduled delivery date.

Termination of Service and Refunds: Clients may cancel at any time prior to their regularly scheduled billing day. No refunds will be provided on services already billed or rendered. Upon termination of service, clients have 2 weeks to return all rented diapers and equipment. Failure to do so will result in replacement charges for all missing items. The replacement charge for unreturned diapers is $2.00 each ($3 for toddler size diapers). Unreturned diapers will not be prorated. PDS reserves the right to determine refunds not explained in this agreement on a case by case basis. No refunds will be given on bulk payments. Clients who made a bulk payment will receive the remainder of their bulk payment balance in the form of store credit only. PDS reserves the right to terminate this service agreement at anytime.

Customer Satisfaction: At PDS, our top priority is client satisfaction. We welcome all comments and questions, and will attempt to remedy problems brought to our attention. All diapers are washed to ensure cleanliness and a quality product for your child. We also encourage open communication about your child’s allergies. Clients can reach PDS by phone at 844-2GO-CLOTH or by e-mail at

Limitation of Liability: Clients agree that only this document defines the terms of their service contract with PDS, and that each of the terms and conditions can stand alone, so that if one is removed by a legal process, the others remain in force.